Evolution Terminals is developing a substantial Green Energy Hub for import, storage and throughput of new energy products, hydrogen carriers and low-carbon fuels, and will facilitate in Europe’s Energy Transition ambitions for greater carbon-abatement to net zero.

The Green Energy Hub is situated at the mouth of the Sloehaven Channel, accessible from the Westershelde Estuary in the North Sea Port of Vlissingen, with direct access to the North Sea and without the need to transit locks and sluices or to navigate inland canals.

The Green Energy Hub is in the advanced stages of development and Phase 1 plans include the construction of up to 400,000 cubic metere of storage capacity, a dedicated deep-water Jetty and Quay Wall capable of receiving large sea-going vessels and inland barges; and loading facilities for Rail Tanker Carriages (RTC) and Road Tanker Trucks (RTT), to connect the Terminal to the hinterlands.

Phase 2 and 3 plans include increased storage capacity and integration of an Ammonia back-cracking facility to back-crack imported Green Ammonia to Hydrogen Gas (H2); and investigations are underway to connect the Green Energy Hub to the European Hydrogen Backbone for distribution of low-carbon H2 via pipeline into Europe.

North Sea Port

North Sea Port is a logistical hub at the centre of Europe. The Port's location in Western Europe and its infrastructure makes it a true multimodal port. As a deep seaport, North Sea Port lies in the Hamburg - Le Havre range, right at the heart of Western Europe and along the major North Sea Mediterranean and Rhine - Alpine corridors.